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Viral Rugby 1v1 Episode 2: Meet Gift Egbelu

Gift Egbelu

Viral Rugby 1v1 is a series that seeks to interview and banter with interesting rugby personalities, people with projects. initiatives, and connect them with those that follow viral rugby.  Think late night talk shows The Daily Show, meets Sportscenter.  A nice blend of fun, insight and rugby news.  This is our first episode.


Guest: Gift ‘Gifttime’ Egbelu,  (@GiftTimeRugby)

Occupation: CEO, GiftTime Rugby; The Eze of Ekpeye 

What He Does: Creates original content, manages events, and broadcasts media to help translate the entertainment value of rugby to America.

Club: Baton Rouge

Position: Backrow

Rugby Crush: Naya Tapper

He Wishes he Was:  “A lot more powerful”

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