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Special Interview: Michael Fealey, USA Rugby; Grievance and Growth

A grievance has been filed against USA Rugby and other parties by Michael Fealey.  The grievance itself appears straightforward; and hopefully it can be addressed allowing for a positive and sustainable way forward. The voices of change are many in the USA Rugby community.  In the background of our glorious USA Women’s Rugby team shipping off to Ireland to represent us at the Women’s Rugby World Cup;  governance and transparency concerns have boiled over to demands for action as USA Rugby, its board and membership stakeholders appear to be at odds.  Governance issues, ineffective communication, insufficient strategic planning, and other factors figure into a scenario that has eroded the faith of many stakeholders in the USA Rugby community in its national governing body.  The current vision is growth, but are we risking simply scaling dysfunction?  We also discuss program and organization strategy, and the sports market here in the USA.  The interview is broken into 2 parts.  Read, share, comment and draw your own conclusions.  Listen Below:

Part 1 Audio:


Part 2 Audio: