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Marvel Universe Heroes Rugby XV: Forwards

After Avengers Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now in Phase 4 and the infinity saga is on Disney+.  I decided I’m picking the roster across sagas and will have heroes and anti-heroes all together for this side.  We’ll do villains another day. Don’t worry Wonder Woman Fans, a DC list is coming too.  Let’s argue:

  1. Hulk – Avengers RFC
  2. Wolverine – Weapon X RFC
  3. Korg – Sakarr Gladiators RFC
  4. Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy RFC
  5. She Hulk – UCLA School of Law RFC/A-force RFC
  6. War Machine – Air Force RFC
  7. Ironman – Avengers RFC
  8. Thor – Avengers RFC


  • Drax – Guardians of the Galaxy RFC                                                             
  • Beast– Xavier Institute for the Gifted RFC   
  • Colossus – Xavier Institute for the Gifted RFC                                           
  • Luke Cage – Defenders RFC

Click Here for Marvel Universe Heroes Rugby XV: Backs 

Honorable Mention:
Valkyrie Revengers RFC/Asgard Valyries RFC
Vision – Avengers RFC
Deadpool – Weapon X RFC

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