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Marvel Universe Heroes Rugby XV: Backs

While the Marvel fans are all enjoying the 90’s X-men Series on Disney+. I decided I’m picking the rugby roster across sagas and will have heroes and anti-heroes all together for this side. These are your forwards. We’ll do villains another day. Don’t worry Joker fans (On-demand now I think), a DC list is coming too. Anyway, let’s argue:

The Backs:
9. Spiderman (Peter Parker) – Midtown High School RFC
10. Doctor Strange – The Ancient One’s Selects XV
11. Quicksilver – Sokovia RFC
12. Gamora – Guardians of Galaxy RFC
13. Black Panther – Kingdom of Wakanda RFC
14. Falcon – Avengers RFC
15. Captain Marvel – A-Force RFC/Avengers RFC

Spiderman (Miles Morales) – Brooklyn Visions Academy RFC
Black Widow – Avengers RFC
Captain America – Avengers RFC
Shuri – Kingdom of Wakanda RFC

Honorable Mentions:
Hawkeye – Avengers RFC
Monica Rambeau – Air Force RFC
Rocket Raccoon – Guardians of the Galaxy RFC