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What if Prince Played Rugby?: 5 Things

The world lost 2 American culture icons from 2 different genres in the last year.  Charlie Murphy and Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson) stories were bound together on a classic episode of The Chappelle Show, where Charlie Murphy and his entourage were challenged to a game a basketball by Prince and band.  I started to wonder, what if it were touch rugby?  What if Prince played rugby? (Besides some epic socials being hosted?)  Prince, by all accounts, was an avid sports fan and quite the athlete growing up. A point guard in basketball, it’s likely he would have made quite a scrumhalf.  If Prince played rugby, I bet the following 5 things:

1. He Would Have Been a Creator on the Pitch:

A virtuoso of a variety of instruments, his talent was legendary for writing, composing, and performing.  He’d be a creator with a talent for finishing.  Definitely a scrumhalf of flyhalf.  Also perfect hair.

2. He Would Have Done What it Took to be on the Pitch:

To his detriment, he performed at all costs.  As we discuss the use of pain killers in world rugby, this phenomenon was not limited to athletes, but many entertainers as well.

3. He Would Have Shined on the Biggest Stages:

Few performances rivaled a Prince performance, it would have been impossible to forget a Prince performance on the pitch.

4. He Would Have Played with Flair and Flawless Technique:

Meticulous and a perfectionist, his style of play would have been very difficult to imitate.  He’d be very technical, accurate, and have a penchant for big plays.

5. He Would Have Supported Grassroots Efforts and Gender Equity:

Prince quietly backed a number of grassroots efforts financially and was very active in the local philanthropy scene.  The USA Eagles Women could expect messages and phone calls for their victories just as the USA Eagles Men could, if his relationship with the Minnesota Lynx and Timberwolves would be any indication.

1 year ago today we lost one of the greatest talents to grace the earth, in platform heels no less (means he’d probably prefer aluminum studs to moldeds), who happened to be a talented basketball player.  What if he were a rugby player?

What else do people think?

RIP Prince!